Coaches and Assistants

Head Coach Javier Andino

SYNOPSIS OF FENCING EXPERIENCE Javier Andino started fencing at the age of 10, with the support of his family and school teachers. and the encouragement by his sister who was a better fencer; he enrolled himself in formal training classes and started competing within inner city tournaments.


Assist. Coach Epee Alddy Antolinez

Born in Bogota, Colombia discovered the passion for Fencing when I joined the Army. Since then, I developed my passion for this beautiful sport. I have had the opportunity to represent my country at Military fencing competitions and International events.


Assist. Coach Foil Lionza Rivera

Lionza Rivera began practicing fencing at the age of 16, in her home country of Puerto Rico. After more than six months, she began high-performance and competitive training with members ofthe Puerto Rico National Team, which she later joined.